Ninja! Free

#1 Game in so many hearts and counting!!! –Ninja! FREE–

OH NOES! The freakishly large and purple princess has been captured by the evil Alien of Ooze!! Who will leap through levels risking life and limb, perform epic jumps across platforms, soar over mysterious bushes of mysteriousness, dance swiftly on falling platforms, and bound over Ooze’s rival Ninja baddies?! Ninja of course, yes the one and only ninja, Ninja!

For love, for destiny, for some purple princess kisses, to save the world, or to avenge his parents untimely death by the hands of the evil Alien of Ooze (terribly sad)! No matter the reason it must be done–the Alien of Ooze must be defeated. Become the ninja, Ninja!

How to Play:
In this fun and simple 2d scroller you must perfectly time your leaps by touching the screen of your device as you encounter a variety of obstacles on your path to save the princess.

What to Expect:
A challenge like you haven’t seen…for awhile. This game will test your patience and your skills and help you discover if you have what it takes to be Ninja. Try to get gold on each level to prove you have what it takes.

2D Scroller
8 Original Levels (with more to come)
Ninja Stars–for when you need a little extra help
Replay Value
Fun Graphics
and the most awesomly stoic, devote ninja, NINJA!


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