Ninja Escape

FREE GAME “Ninja escape no exit”

This Game will be escape game you’ve never experienced before.
There is no window, there is no door, there is no exit !!
There are 50 rooms each has hiding hints to the key of escape.
You must find every hints and escape.

This game is all free to play.

■How to pray■
You got 3 Ninja items.
Syuriken Sword Fire
You can use these 3 items when you need.

There’re new items you can get at the new stage, you’ll find the “box” lower left.
You got control your smart phone, tap/shake/ drag/ swipe and more.
Every operations will be escape tools, you got use them and success,
You must be the most cleverest Ninja in the world.
The choice is yours.

・This game is all free to pray
・You can pray every where and when you want
・You can share how to escape when you success, on the Internet.
・We won’t answer about how to escape

Ninja Escape!

Put your ninja skills to the test in this fast paced ninja game! Up is the only way out, are you a good enough ninja to escape?

Jump up the tower walls using your ninja skills and reaction time. A single tap and you will jump to the opposite side of the screen, but aim carefully! Avoid the traps put in place to make your task of escape, difficult – if not impossible.

Jump into cannons and collect coins for extra points and huge boosts!

Jump quickly to start a combo – be careful though, jumping quickly means you’ll have less time to react!