Ninja Dragon Sword

★★★★★The game ★★★★★
Blowing like a wind and a cloud, a blue-eyed ninja with a painful destiny has arrived! A blue-eyed ninja , is a fierce and cold-blooded assassin.
To kill the dark church leaders-Blake (Nickname-sphinx)
He was a justice of the Ninja,He has superb skills of Wushu.
His name is — Dragon sword.
The criminal syndicate—–yog dao club,Their leader is killed the Dragon Sword's family
They drug trafficking, they commit all sorts.
Then Dragon sword wants revenge ,For justice, he was ready to embark on a journey.
And he embarked on a path of vengeance.

This is an action game, you can control the Ninja attack, jump, walk, sprint.
If you want to know the specific operation, please refer to the game 's internal Help.

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