Nimble Monkey

:) Love&Hero is appearing everywhere!
Mama&Friends have been caught by Poacher in forest! Nimble Monkey-QM must rescue them as soon as possible by your hand! If not ,they will be saled all place!

1.Physical Game with kids or Family;
2.Simple\Funny\Thinking you will success;
3.Six Perfect Scenes : Forest,Road,Ship,Store,Circus & Lab.;
4.30 Levels waiting for your challenaging.more upgrade;
5.Gamecenter’s Leaderboard&Achievement surpported;
6.Variety of Cloth ETC. Chosen by you;

How to play:
Touch Screen to control QM Jump by rope through variety of obstacles

Every advices is welcome, Gamedesign need your participating!
Twitter:@iyangs_ET; Facebook:iyangs_ET
physical game.lovely monkey will save all animal of forest!

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