Nikki UP2U: A dressing story

Unlike other dress-up games, Nikki Up2U puts story at its core, providing an unprecedented gaming experience for both girls and boys.
What makes this app different:

1.Engrossing story and intriguing characters
An ultra-cute pet, a tsundere (I think you can keep “tsundere” because it seems to be a common expression that people who download this game might know. If you want to use English,  I would say a “hot-and-cold” sister) sister, a mysterious teenage detective, and a handsome fashion designer join Nikki throughout a plot filled with exciting excuses to dress up!

2.Huge selection of clothes
More than three hundred items of clothing, each with its own description and backstory, all rendered in exquisite style. Try collecting each different set, it’s fun!

3.Unique gameplay
Dressing Nikki in style and completing events earns you rewards, which can be used to buy even better outfits! Strive for the higher ranks and let’s fill that wardrobe. 

4. Sprawling achievement system
More challenges, more gameplay, and more clothes.

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