Night Smasher

Previously you have fought with them in daylight, the time might have favored you then but now it’s different, they are back in action in the night mode to ruin your feast.

Can you still beat them in the night mode?

Night Smasher offers you nothing but a fun smashing experience. The game consists of mainly two kinds of characters Good flies and Bad Flies.
In order to win the game all the Bad Flies has to be smashed. The Night Smasher has been rephrased in the night mode with more proficient and intense graphics. So far, the players have enjoyed the previous game mode (Fly Smasher) and we hope you will enjoy playing the Night Mode too.

Bad flies – Save your Food from them.
The objective here is to protect your food from the flies before they try to get away with it. You are given a total of 3 lives or chances in a single game. If you miss the flies, your food gets finished and you end up losing your lives.
Save your three Lives

Initially the game offers 3 lives and you will lose your life if you fail to kill a fly. Your life depends on how fast you smash the Bad Flies. Stop these flies from getting away with your food as quickly as possible. Smashing the Good flies also reduces your life.

Do Not Tap Good flies

Good flies shouldn’t be harmed as you lose 20 points with the killing of every Good fly. Tapping the Good Flies may also end the game at certain point.
Special power-ups to eliminate the flies at a single shot

Mild Spray: Spraying this doesn’t kill them instantly but slows down their movement and kills them gradually
Killer Spray: All the flies get killed instantly

Electric Shock: This will be active for few seconds and kills all the flies that come in contact within the time span

Combo Bonus
Smash 10 Bad flies at a stretch and get a rewarding bonus of 100 points instantly. Hit the flies carefully and add the big bonus on your existing score.

Scoring – The game is enabled with Game Center for global scoring.

The flies keep on appearing and you have keep on smashing. Enjoy playing this amazing smashing game. Check out the game for a crazy and fast-paced experience.

Night Smasher is fun for the whole family.

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