NFL Rush Zone

Competition is king in the NFL Rush Zone!
See how many touchdowns you can score in a quick pass action game of Lateral Collateral and escape detention to make it to the big game in Detentionator Dash!

First you’ve got to make it to the game:

You’re stuck in detention with the DETENTIONATOR and today is the big football game. Your goal is to sneak out and make it to the game. Don’t get caught! If the DETENTIONATOR’s vision ray spots you…you’re toast!

Once you get there, you’ve got to win:

It’s a broken play with no time left! This is your last chance to win the game! Lateral the ball back and forth to your teammates as many times as you can. Look out for diving tacklers and don’t let them intercept the ball. How many touchdowns can you score???

Both games have their own global high-scores … be great at both!

For more action, visit the NFL’s big game world for kids at

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