NEXUM Word Patroller

Experts agree that to achieve the best mindset we need to exercise the right and left side of our brains. Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, entertainer, actor or sportsman having perceptual awareness and the ability to think quickly will help you progress.

NEXUM WordPatroller is a game aimed at helping you to exercise your mind in those down time moments, whether travelling or in between meetings.

NEXUM WordPatroller works by presenting cascading blocks of letters down the screen, your aim is to link the letters together in the fastest way possible to uncover the most words, BUT you need to be ever mindful and aware that the blocks of letters are continuing to cascade, ever changing the formation of words and upsetting any plan you may have had – speed of thought is key!

NEXUM WordPatroller starts off easy enough with the blocks of letters cascading at a slow pace, but gradually speeds up. The plan is to help you improve your speed of thought and your mental awareness. Awareness is key to us all, and the game initially enables you to identify words, while if you are aware you may see another word forming as the blocks cascade down. The challenge comes as the blocks speed and you need to think at an ever increasing speed. Remember if you let the screen fill with letters then it is GAME OVER!

To help you achieve amazing scores there are two magic words, if you see them and link the letters to create NEXUM or REVENUETION you receive booster bonus points.

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