Newton's Dice 3D

“This is a dice game that is so much fun you will want to play all night long.”

“…The graphics are amazing. It’s all clean, clear, and in 3D.

…It’s clear that a lot of attention was paid to the aesthetic of this game. There are tons of dice game apps out there, I lost count at 20 in the iTunes store, and Mark Hessburg figured out a good way to set Newton’s Dice apart from the bunch.”
“Newton’s Dice 3D is a 3D dice game for the iPhone with excellent 3D graphics. Besides awesome graphics, the developers have paid great attention to the audio, all sounds and effects are absolutely realistic. This makes Newton’s Dice 3D a rewarding game experience for all lovers of dice games…”

Newton’s Dice 3D is the most advanced mobile 3D Dice game! Please watch the video on youtube(R) first, search for “Newton’s Dice 3D)


No dice at hand? So far there are many dice Apps available, but this one is unique!

For the first time you will have the real dice experience: Shake the cup, watch them rolling and bouncing, you will hear the sound of the slightest movement of the dice – the simulation is so realistic you might even see cocked dice!
This all is placed in an original gambling den 3D environment using stunning camera tracking shots. That’s not all: Newton’s Dice 3D comes with two popular dice games!


– Dice Simulator in a full 3D Environment

– Physics simulation using the Nvida PhysX™ engine

– Comes with 2 Games:
The popular family game “Dice 10000″ (also called Farkle, Zilch, Foo, Boxcar, Bogus or Crap Out)
and the classic pub game “Shut the Box” (also called Tric-Trac, Canonga or Klackers)

– Play against AI or up to 4 others!

– Use up to 6 dice

– A Mode to play “Mia” with 2 or 5 Dice

– Simulator: Option to lay dice aside (useful for some styles of dice games)

– Shake the dice cup by shaking your device.

– Ultra realistic professional dice sounds (depending on the collision reports of the physics engine)

– Amazing Soundtrack

– Enhanced graphics on 3GS

You will never have to search all over your house for dice again!

Please visit the website to watch the Newton’s Dice 3D video.

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