New Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker is one of the most widespread card games in European casinos. This game involves players due to the slowness and possibility to think over the following course. With using of some mathematical knowledge, the player can raise his chances to win and to get an advantage over casino. With our application you can try to play card games. There are many versions of Oasis Poker. In this application we offer two versions of the game: “6 card Poker” and “Russian Poker”. You can see the rules of the game in the application. By results of the game, you receive a rating, which can be compared with ratings of other players from all over the world.

If you want to distract from the card games, in this application there exists one simple game, “Wheel of Fortune”. By pressing the button “Spin” the wheel with set of sectors is started. The rate of 10 units is automatically withdrawn from the balance of the player. When the wheel stops, the sum prize is defined.
If your balance doesn’t allow to rate, you can always make replenishment. For doing it, you must press the button with the image of green banknotes at the left of the sum of balance. Each pressing adds some moneys to your account.

Good luck!

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