Neuroshima Hex Puzzle

Universal Rating: 12+

Neuroshima Hex Puzzle is a game from Portal Games, originally released 18th March, 2011


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Neuroshima Hex Puzzle Review

Last year, the board game Neuroshima Hex made its way onto the App Store, with deep strategy and a steep difficulty curve. It is now joined by Neuroshima Hex Puzzle, a game that draws on all of the same mechanics, but provides gameplay through a series of puzzles instead of open battles.

There are one hundred puzzles in Neuroshima Hex Puzzle (NHP), and the puzzles offer enough challenge for that to be a very impressive number. The puzzles are all scenarios, and they’re divided into 10 themes. Each theme has a different teacher, who introduces you to each scenario in his, her, or its own style. As expected, the difficulty increases as you progress, and the first levels do a good job of slowly introducing newbies to the complex gameplay mechanics.

All of the multifaceted gameplay of Neuroshima Hex is here. Indeed, NHP is nearly identical to its predecessor. It takes place on a hexagonal board with a cast of factions battling in a post-apocalyptic world. Each faction has various units and tokens, which all have different abilities. Fortunately, the information mode and in-game manual made it into NHP, and they greatly ease the strategic process.

How about let’s nuke ’em.

Speaking of strategy, NHP requires even more involved strategy than its predecessor. Whereas battles in the first game simply played out normally, NHP puts you in a number of uniquely challenging scenarios, requiring a number of different approaches.

We found ourselves wondering why this is even a separate app from Neuroshima Hex. It is completely identical in all ways except the gameplay mode, which led us to wonder why they didn’t release it as an update to Neuroshima Hex. There is undoubtedly a lot of content here, but the game doesn’t differ enough to serve as anything other than an impressive expansion.

Overall, NHP is a great game. The puzzles are dynamic, challenging, and numerous. The themes and introductions do a good job at breaking up the long list of scenarios, and the deep strategy present in Neuroshima Hex is present in an evolved form here. If it were all in one package, it would be a must have. As it is, we strongly recommend it for strategy and board game fans.