Blast cubes!
Arrange falling cubes to blast.

★How to control★
Move right and left: Slide right and left.
Drop: Slide down
Quick drop: Flick down
Rotate: Tap the screen

[How to play]
1. Stack falling cubes.
2. Cubes explode when three or more cubes of the same color are stacked.
3. Making chain reactions increases points!

The more you play, the more difficult the game becomes.
The game ends when the stack of cubes reaches the red line on the top of the screen.

[Tips for high score]
●Blasting all cubes increases points!
Erasing all cubes gives bonus points.

●Timer cube
A timer cube explodes to blast in the direction of arrows when its countdown reaches zero.

●Random cube
A random cube changes its color the same as one of adjacent cubes.
Blasting a random cube gives bonus points.

The game supports online ranking.
You can be a great cube-blasting master!

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