Need For Pig

Meet Farmer Bob, a hard-working, all-loving, kind-hearted, indigenous and the only inhabitant of the Whatever – a place not really forgotten, but more like barely discovered. A place so isolated from the rest of the world, the things go really nuts down there: evil sheep, overseen by the new ruthless Landlord, are spreading havoc around once peaceful land, bullying and threatening each and every animal who dares to stand on their way!.. Bob’s faithful friend, Oinky the Pig, was surrounded and captured, when trying to protect its barn from demolition. It looks like those meanies are keeping him locked somewhere in Landlord’s cells.. Well, sheep, meet Farmer Bob. Taking his only friend was a ba-a-ad idea.

Ride the turbo-enabled Lawn-mover, mount the stunning carrot gun and engage the epic Farmer Jump – prove that you’re not faint-hearted, rescue Oinky and get back home in one piece!

Need for Pig™ is an original of and is developed solely by Marker Soft.

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