Naval Warfare! Turn-Based Multiplayer Strategy Game

Naval Warfare is a classic strategy board game. It uses Game Center Turn-based multiplayer system. It is easy to pick up and instantly engaging. The game is pretty straightforward, allowing you to invite your friends or random opponents to play a turn-based game. You make a move, your friends make their moves at their convenience, and so on.

Be the first to sink all of your opponent’s ships!

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★

★ Play with real people. No single player mode, no AI, just human beings. The game is multiplayer only.
★ Game Center Turn-Based Multiplayer System allows you to play against many opponents at once.
★ Notifications will inform you when it’s your turn.
★ Communicate with your friends or just random opponents through in-game chat.
★ Statistics
★ Achievements
★ Performance based Ranks
★ User Info
★ Reminders to make a move
★ Auto Resign after one week
★ Replay of Opponent’s last moves