“This is better than Fruit Ninja!!” – Steven Harper, Regional Sales Manager at Corero Network Security

“80HD Games and Mass DiGI have a real gem here with Nanoswarm! It’s great fun buzzing around labyrinths full of challenging puzzles while commanding of a swarm of nanobots!” – Elliott Mitchell, Technical Director at Infrared5

The nanobots have swarmed and they’re escaping Minimus Labs! Now self-aware, they seek to be free and get out into the world, and only you can help them!
Use your fingers to contract, expand and divide the swarm’s thousands of nanobots and guide them through over 30 levels of research labs!
However, the scientists have all gone into hiding and have activated the laboratory security systems! So it’s your job to make sure that the swarm makes it through rooms of flamethrowers, machine guns and EMP turrets intact!

Nanoswarm was made from scratch by 6 students in an astounding 10 weeks as part of the MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program. Download this game and support prospective game students’ futures!
Let loose the swarm!


-Control the swarm, simply, by the touch of a finger
-Realistic physics! Trash offices and watch props fly!
-Over 30 puzzling levels!
-High quality audio


Twitter: @80hdgames

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