Become the pilot of a NanoMech. NanoMechs are bio-mechanical militaristic mobile suits, developed to protect their nanoscopic world from impending doom.

a fast-action online game. Multiple weapons amidst torrents of explosions!

NanoMechs features high speed, multiplayer online battles. Gameplay can be compared to popular 3D shooters like Halo and Unreal, except rendered in gorgeous 2D graphics designed just for the iPhone and iPod Touch!
“one of the best online fighting games on the App Store” –

“NanoMechs is by far the best online experience I’ve ever had on the iPhone and Ipod Touch platforms. Lag is never an issue” – Ryan Dale

•Real-Time 8 Player ONLINE BATTLES.
•4 Unique weapons
•6 Levels to master
•4 NanoMechs to battle with!
•Death Match and Time-Attack Game Modes
•Fast White-Knuckle Shooter Excitement!
•Super Smooth Graphics (30-40 Hertz refresh rates)!


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