name | place | animal | thing

******* Enhanced for iOS 5 introducing Turn Based Matches ********

What if you are told to write 10 names that start with the letter A? Sure you will do it in 5 minutes. How about 10 places that start with letter A? Well, a little walk down the memory lane might just do it. How about animals? Are there even 10 animals that start with letter A?

You will be amazed at what you can dig out of your memory, and how your brain adds to it when it is, shall we say ‘quizzingly excited’?

Introducing, name | place | animal | thing. The modern, connected world version of the age old paper and pencil game, that has entertained and educated kids and adults alike for centuries. Simple in form, this game is yet incredibly effective as an educative and entertaining tool.

Built using the latest iOS version (5.0), you play this game online with other interested players automatically discovered using Turn Based match making. Just tap ‘Start’ and enter a unique name, place, animal and thing for a randomly selected letter in the alphabet. Get points for finding new words quickly and push yourself up on the Global LeaderBoard in Game Center: “The KnowAlls”.

Dream up names. Travel to far away places. Meet new animal friends. Pick up a thing or two.

Oh, kids will love to learn with it too. And that in itself is of great value, isn’t it?

Check it out now. Have fun.

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