* UI and scenes fully updated *
Most creative Tower-Defense game. HD graphics. Universal for both iPhone and iPad. Game Center support.

Annual masterpiece from GxWorkgroup , the new 45-degree helical angle, real-time strategy (RTS) defense game.

You will play the commander to protect the universe, deploy the defensive weapons, and control the building upgrades.

Up to 20 defensive units for land, air fields, waiting for you to explore.

Nearly 20 kinds of attack units, covering the areas of air, land, cannon, laser multi-arms.

The version provides three worlds, a total of 60 levels.

Game Center leaderboards and more than 50 achievements.

If you are never afraid of new challenges, come to accept the new mission.

iOS 5.0.1 tested.



Previous video of Nadya 1.0:
– iPad

– Simulator (720p)


Update history:

– version 1.1.1

Fix issue of touch indicator’s layout in training level.

– version 1.1

Scenes update;
UI update;
Improve performance;
Delay attacking wave;
Minor bug fix;

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