This N5K3 is the more improvement of Japanese Kanji characters game for N5 Level (JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test). You can Learn and fun with the Japanese Kanji characters to improve your Japanese Kanji skill. You can practice it by the quiz game to check your improvement.

The Goal of the game:
– To remember the third set of Japanese Kanji characters.
– Reading the Japanese Kanji.
– Test Preparation for N5 Japanese Level.

How to play the game:

1. PRATICE yourselves at KANJI view

– Chooses one of the Japanese Kanji character, you will see the hiragana characters and romanji (English) characters for Reading it. And it will show the sample Kanji word and meaning of the Kanji character.

2. QUIZ your skill at PLAY view

– Reading the Japanese hiragana or romanji at the top of the view.
– Chooses one of the Japanese Kanji to match with the Japanese hiragana or romanji.
– Checking the result Correct/Wrong matching Japanese Kanji and hiragana/romanji.
– Your skill will show as the Score from your QUIZ.
– Touch the “Next” button or Touch at the Top area or Shake the device for the new quiz.

3. Play with your friends at the GANG view.

– Log in by your account
– Chooses the type of words button from the top menu i.e. Greet, Travel, Eat, Shop, 911, etc.
– Chooses the word/sentence as you preferred.
– Touch at any location as you need to show the message with a second and chooses “Past”, it will show your preferred message/chat.
– Reply/Send the message to your GANG/your friends.
– Touch at the Refresh-Button on the right side to display the Japanese.

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