Mystrey Places : Hidden Object

Do you think hidden object game are kid’s game? than just try it out I am sure you will not pass even first level even within 1 minute. After each level complete if you again play same level than objects are coming randomly which gives you fun to play similar levels multiple times.

After each level we added 1 bonus level in which you will get extra coins, in bonus level we added 3 types of different games which makes you busy to play this game. we added jigsaw puzzle bonus level, Spot the difference bonus level & Find Similar Objects bonus level.

All the objects are hidden and you have to choose and guess those objects from the dark, Mystrey Background Sound and amazing Three theme makes this Game so much attractive and addictive!!

Mystrey Places Hidden Objects is fun game to play but very challenging though!!

+++ FEATURES +++
# 30+ Levels with Random Objects with superb graphics and sounds
# Bonus Level after each level complete
# Bonus level include 3 Games: Jigsaw puzzle,Spot the difference & Find Similar Objects
# Zoom in functionality given for finding objects
# Each time new graphics with new sounds
# Three theme & sounds
# All objects are hidden and every time coming with random sequence
# On each wrong object selection you will loose – 5 time
# GameCenter

Available Get it Today :)

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