Mystic English Dojo

Mystic English Dojo is a new type of word-game to test your knowledge of the different skills of the English language: Listening, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure. There 7 different types of game each game progressively challenges the player’s knowledge with four levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard.

HOW TO WIN: The player has to beat the computer. To win the battle either player or computer must take the opponents points to zero or below. All within the time limit given.


WORD ROOT – The player has to write a word starting from a letter or letters given by the computer. The player has to beat the computer, which digits its own word, by writing a longer word or by using “rare” letters to gain more points.
QUIZ – The player must guess the right answer to the spoken question by using the three possible answers given.
LISTEN AND WRITE – The player must correctly write the spoken word.
WORDS OF WISDOM – The player must compose famous proverbs and idiomatic phrases by putting the words in the correct order.
WRITE THE WORD – The player must write the longest word or use words with “rare” letters, which have higher points by using a group of letters given by the computer.
MEMORY – The player is given four words and a few seconds to memorise them. The words are then hidden and only three appear and the player has to write the missing word to win.
FIND THE OBJECT – The player is shown the name of two common objects in English and is then shown a moving row of objects. The object of the game is to match the words to the pictures.
When all 4 levels are completed, the player gains a diploma that certifies the player’s linguistic ability for that chosen skill. Each player can either practice or play against peers in the Apple Game Centre.

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