Mystery Manor Blitz HD

Mystery Manor Blitz HD is a hidden objects game, but it’s a real race against time and not some slow paced adventure! In this game, you should find all the hidden objects faster that anybody and get to the top!
The game features wonderful graphics and the whole unique Mystery Manor atmosphere – if you haven’t seen it yet, hurry to do it! – but now it’s a timer you should beat up, no monsters, and no mysteries. Well, time is the worst monster of all, as they say. Are you able to find all the objects without a single hint? If you’re not, your game just will not be rated at all!
Mystery Manor Blitz HD features rewarding achievements system: and you will be able to boast them everywhere!

Official facebook community:
Game Trailer:

Game Features:
– A lot of rooms to explore and race against time and each other
– Rewarding achievements system
– A bunch of helpful tools
– The reach ranking system based on the number of games played, player’s mastery and personal records
– Wonderful graphics and unique atmosphere
– Free-to-play game

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