MyGame is a real revolution in the way to learn and improve at poker – and it’s FREE!

Please contact with any questions or queries relating to either this app or MyGame in general.

All have gleaned from years of teaching professional poker players has now been brought to MyGame which is available, for free, to anyone interested in becoming a better poker player.

The MyGame app allows existing members to check and share scorecards on popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, get advice on play and watch videos on how to become a better player, all from your device and on-the-move.

See for a video teaser about MyGame.

MyGame is the best Online Poker Learning anywhere – and here are some of the reasons why!

– Builds and enhances your poker skills from the ground up.

– Comprehensive “Learn & Play” approach gets you started with our multi-media training programs, examples and tests. The goal is to improve your game by building your knowledge and confidence. Then, whenever you feel ready, you can take what you’ve learnt and put it into practice.

– Unique “Play and Fix” approach analyses every aspect of your actual play and spots your weaknesses. MyGame then provides you with an online Poker Report Card (available via either this app or which directs you to specific Poker Clinic topics to address these specific weaknesses.

– It’s Social Poker!!! Play, Share and Learn. Share and compete with your friends and learn from the Pros.

It’s called MyGame because every aspect is intelligently and dynamically tailored specifically to your game and how to make you a better player.

Sign up for FREE within the app or at to become a better poker player.

(Please note this app requires iOS 4 or above and is also fully iOS 5 Tested)

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