PROMOTIONAL PRICE: 0,79 € / $ 0.99 !

– Enjoy playing chess with your friends!

Play on myChess for iPhone whenever and wherever you are! The access is free and not limited in time, and you can play with friends who use either the iPhone application, either the website
In this paid version of the application, you won’t see any ad, and furthermore, you will have the possibility to chat with your opponent!

– Custom game options

Compared to standard chess games, myChess for iPhone brings you many options, including move backs (when both players allow it), clock, notepad, email notification, history of games and moves, and chat in the paid version.
Currently, 3 languages are available in the application (English, French, Polish), and new languages are planned for soon.

– Play live… or not!

To play on myChess for iPhone you don’t need to be connected all the time. If you are the kind of players who can only do a few moves during the day, myChess for iPhone is specifically intended to you! You will be informed by push notification and by e-mail that your opponent made a move or a request. The push notification is intended for players who want to continue playing on the iPhone application, while the e-mail is intended for players who want to continue the game on website.

– Trace your game moves !

You can analyze all your finished games, step by step, tracing the moves directly on the board.
During a game, you can also write some notes and edit them whenever you want.

– Chat with the other player during the game!

In this version of the application, you will benefit from a chat functionality for each game under way.
This allows you to easily communicate with the other player. It also traces all options chosen during the game.

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