My Wish – 11:11 Make a Wish Shooting Star Countdown

Have you ever made a wish, stopped what you were doing, or jumped with joy when the clock hit 11:11? “My Wish” will make sure you never miss another opportunity to make a wish again.

“My Wish” gives you the most accurate and precise time down to the second until 11:11. No more counting on your fingers and toes, or trying to figure out that sun dial to find out when your next wish will be. “My Wish” does all of this for you with style.

My Wish Features

– Stylish Countdown To 11:11

– Notifications So You Never Miss a Wish Again

– Send Shooting Stars Off With Your Wishes Any Time Of Day

– Create Endless Amounts Of Shooting Stars By Tapping/Dragging Your Finger On The Background

– Tap The Moon To Hide The Text Field And Enjoy The Night Sky

– Supports Twitter So You Can Share Your Wishes With Everyone

– Watch As Shooting Stars Fly Across Your Screen

– Serene Music (Shake To Disable/Enable)

See what some of our users have said.

“Never again will I look at the clock at 11:12 and be disappointed!” -Kirsten M.

“I use this app twice a day, everyday! I can’t get enough of it!” -Sarah D.

“You can never have too many wishes!” -Jessica S.

Download “My Wish” today and watch all of your 11:11 wishes come true!

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