My Quiz -Lite for iPad

Welcome to My Quiz –Lite for iPad. Do you know the answers to these questions ?

~ Who was the youngest president of the United States?
~ Which animal hibernates underwater?
~ Who is known as the Nelson Mandela of Asia?
~ Who spread the message of Non-Violence?

These and lots more question ranging from every field of knowledge are waiting to be answered.

More than 1000 questions testing and enhancing your knowledge from varied categories including:

~ Famous People

~ USA Places

~ Geography (Available in the Premium Version)

~ Water Bodies (Available in the Premium Version)

~ History

~ World Capitals

~ Ideas and Inventions (Available in the Premium Version)

~ World Places (Available in the Premium Version)

These and many more categories are updated regularly.

In addition you get to create your own quiz from scratch to test your family and friends.

(Available in the Premium Version)

*** Features Include***

** Thousands of questions to grapple with **
** More themes than you can count on your fingers **
** Performance graphs to let you be your own taskmaster **
** Strict timings controls force your brain cells into action **
** Two-player mode: play with friends, play on a date (but make sure you lose!) **
** Instantly compare scores with the rest of the world **
** Check out the daily winner and pine for the pedestal **
** Make and Play your own Quiz with the MyQuiz Function **

Try the My Quiz –Lite for iPad Today

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