My Paint Book HD

The wait is finally over! All in one coloring series for kids is here. You won’t be looking for more coloring apps once you get My Paint Book. It has all what you want. Don’t just stick to sports games like cricket and football or the street fight games. Let’s color the flying creatures like angry birds or fill in the colors in fruits and vegetables as if the fruit ninja swipes the fruits and spread them all over the place. Tigers of the pacific are waiting to be filled in with addictive colors.

Easy game play allows kids to play and enjoy freely. It’s not like the Bistro Cook or the Cooking Dash where you need to make cupcakes and pizza. It’s simple and interesting like the Unicorn Dash where you never wanna stop once you began. Fill the Kids ABC letters, Kids Shapes and Dinosaur Wars with your favorite light and bright twisted colors.


★ The home screen has13 categories available to choose and color
★ Tap the desired category to get started
★ Select an image from 20+ images to start your coloring
★ Select the brush size and suitable color to fill in them
★ Save the image on your phones image gallery when you are done


★ 13 amazing categories include Birds, Tigers, Dinosaurs, Flowers, Fruits, Fishes, Shapes, ABC, 123 and more.
★ Three different size brushes available for kids to use and color with
★ A wide range of colors to choose while coloring their desired image
★ Eraser tool to help you remove messed up colors and the Clear All button that cleans up all by itself while you sit back
★ New and improve finger drawing method to enhance the game play instead of that old technique of tap and paint
★ Save the created image on your image gallery to view it later or use as a wallpaper

This game is filled with excitement and learning for preschool kids. So don’t wait more and get this amazing 13 in 1 app on your smart phones. It will surely provide entertainment and self learning for kids.

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My Paint Book HD

Step into the world of colors and give life to the black and white images with nice colors with your very own paint book!

Let your child grow his creative instincts through this fun game with a multi color brushes and unique drawings. While your toddlers or pre-school kids are busy learning to paint the lovely sketches, you have the time for yourself.

We have replaced the old method of tap and paint; with the new and improved finger drawing technique. The bright colors and wonderful templates are also a source of entertainment for your babies and even your school going children. The color selection and the art of coloring with beautiful color play a distinct role in the development of cognitive, tactile and fine motor skills of your baby.

This app contains a lot of categories that will be fun to paint. Be it the numbers that are everywhere. Your weight, your age, your grade… everything. Or the alphabets that makes word to let you communicate or the little harmless fish that your kid love to watch or the wild cats or the ancient dragons or the fierce dinosaurs or the lovely colorful flowers or the sceneries or the sweet fruits or the vegetables or geometric shapes or the objects starting from abc. You can enjoy them all.

***Features offered***

· Includes 13 Categories with 20+ images each (123, abc, fish, birds, cats, wild cats, dragons, dinosaurs, flowers, sceneries)

· We have provided 3 basic brush size for your kid painting art skills

· Use the free tool eraser to rub off the unwanted color

· A palette of 20 fun colors to make your kid paint and play

· An attractive music to keep him entertained while your toddler color

· Save picture to the gallery

· You have messed it up and don’t feel like erasing it all? Press CLEAR ALL and the app do the cleaning job itself.

Yes this sounds real fun. Learn to color with us. This app features painting like the way your toddlers love. Painting is fun yet messy too. Why bundle up more work for you. Forget the real brushes and paints; skip the coloring book and drawing pads. We have a skillfully designed and complete coloring app prepared specially for your child that you can add up to the collection of your kids game.

This app is designed for baby, Toddlers and preschool kids who loves sketching, painting, coloring and drawing with many colors.

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