my Octopus

The game embraces a USD 1,000 reward for participants who could successfully predict all the matches’ results

Paul Inspires GN4ME’s ‘My Octopus’ App

Octopus Paul comes to you in the form of i-phone application My Octopus introduced by Good News for Me, the leading publisher and mobile content and applications developer.

Through the application, if a person feels indecisive or hesitant about certain issues they can come to a decision easily without having to think much themselves, since Paul the Octopus does it for them.

The new GN4ME release could also be a quite entertaining way to regenerate the Game zeal by predicting the tournament’s new imaginary champions.

The game is based on statistics and studies that have been carried out to solve the mystery of such creature who managed to predict all the wins of the matches.

My Octopus application is divided into three different game options:

1- The Prediction Game:

The application will suggest two teams and you will have to predict the winner. Meanwhile, Paul will be doing his job by predicting the winner and if his word matches yours it will add to your score and result.

All the game players’ top scores will be saved in the device, available for review later to raise the spirit of competition among players.

2- Future Matches Prediction:

The application can also be used to predict the players’ customized future matches of their favorite teams.

3- Daily Life Prediction:

You can randomly choose between two options you are wavering between in your daily life, e.g. whether it is okay to travel or stay at home, or to go on a particular date or not, etc. Just type the alternatives, predict and see if the Octopus’ prediction matches yours or not.

4- 2011 Prediction:

If you’re looking for fancy predictions, My Octopus is the right place to start! Octopus Paul is eager to provide you with trustworthy predictions based on scientists’ expectations and latest studies given.
It is not about horoscopes or tarots or arranged tea leaves in the bottom of a cup but rather studies and accurate statistics.
Try My Octopus and enjoy a quick insight of 2011 with its magnificent events that lie yet unleashed to the world.

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