My Little Zombie Apocalypse

Your neighborhood has been taken over by a zombie hoard! So what do you do now? Grab some supplies, avoid the zombies & run like heck!!

My Little Zombie Apocalypse is really fun to play – yet tough to master. You have 2 worlds to play in, 3 levels and 3 characters to choose from.

Here’s a few basic tips on how to play:

• Tilt your iPhone or iPad device left or right to control your characters path as you dodge the zombies advances!

• Try and collect as much food, ammo and other supplies as you can before getting caught.

• Grab as many supplies as you can in a row for even more points!

• Avoid toxic puddles, TNT and being touched by any zombie!

Download My Little Zombie Apocalypse Game NOW and start having fun today!!!

Please support us as an indie developer by downloading the game & leaving us a rating too so we can continue to make even more games!

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