My First Farm Animals Free

this is a LIGHT version of the full game :)

—————-6 GAMES IN ONE——————
A fun and educational game for you and your child! You can play with 16 different animals that you can find on a farm. This game is great for kids in the age about 2-5.

* Look at pictures of REAL ANIMALS
* Listen to their SOUNDS
* 16 UNIQUE animals
* Play the memorychallenge or guess who the sound belongs to!

The game contains 6 modes:

* SOUNDgame /NAMEgame
An entertaining game where you listen to an animalsound/name, and try to find which animal it belongs to.

Improve your memory by trying to remember the order of a sequence of animals. How many can you remember?

Look at beautiful pictures of real animals.
You can also listen to the animalsound and hear the name
read out loud.

* SOUNDmap/ NAMEmap
Easy access to all the animals and their sounds/names in one frame.

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