My Dog My Style

Landscape mode function has been added.
Let’s coordinate having your own puppies!
When you go to the Park, Yacht Harbor and Flower garden, you can see many types of puppy and kitten.
The number you can see them is 36 in all!
When you take care of the puppy in your friend’s house, you can get some coins as the allowance!
You can also visit another user’s room online and take care and play with their puppy!

*Having fun with dress up together with your puppy.
You can select your favorite clothes and customize your puppy.
If you get along with your puppy,you will be able to enjoy more cute dress.

*Play with your pet puppy in your favorite room anytime!
You can customize your room and play with your puppy anytime you like.

*Let’s enjoy in the landscape mode!
Tap “Screen” button and you can switch the view to Landscape mode.

* Visit your friend’s room online!
You can visit your friend’s room online and take care of a friend’s puppy.

*Let’s find puppy friends in the park!!
You can meet special puppy friends in the Park, Yacht Harbor and Flower garden.
The number you can see them is 36 in all!

*You can buy the following puppies and kittens:
・Labrador Retriever
・Shiba Inu
・Toy Poodle
・Shih Tzu
・German Shepherd
・Four types of cats

* Play with your puppy!
Touch the screen and your puppy will come to you. Use your finger to pet
your puppy and make him or her happy and more active.

* Various way to enjoy
You can feed and play ball with your puppy anywhere and anytime.
Not only you can change the room but can enjoy dressing up your puppy.

* Rest your puppy on the bed
If your puppy looks tired, try to rest your puppy on the bed.
Sleeping face is cute too!

* Get trophies!
Puppy’s happiness, puppy care, and to maintain clean the room and you can receive trophies for your effort!
Take good care of your puppy and receive all the trophies!

*Support with Game Center Leaderboards
The following is supported with Online Ranking
・Owner Level
・Dog care rank
・Voting Rank

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