My Cute Memory for iPad

My cute Memory is a fun game that all kids will love! The game is about finding all pairs of adorable pets by flipping the cards. Look through the cards with pictures of cute animals, find the matching pairs, listen to the sweet sounds they make. My cute memory is not only engaging players but it also trains their memory and concentration skills.

While playing My cute Memory you will see all the cards turned face down. Tap on one of the pictures and memorize the cute animal on it. Try to find the same picture as in the first one. If the pictures of the cute animals are the same on both cards, they will stay open and you can look for another pair. Try to find all the pairs as soon as possible.

•Multiple levels and rounds available
•Colorful and lovely artwork design of animals
•Wonderful animal sounds
•After completing a level you will unlock a cute animal picture which you can save to your photo album

•Improves concentration
•Trains visual memory
•Increases short term memory
•Helps developing cognitive skills.

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