MVP Basket

MVP Basket

Everybody is the MVP of your own life.

MVP Basket is designed for the fans of basketball with physical engine.

Continuous shot to get high points just like the N.B.A Basketball heros. Slip your Finger to shot the ball, just so easy to control. Accurate shot and continuous goal can win Combo bonus (get X2,X3…X8).

【Key feature】

★ Three kinds of game modes
Classical mode
Free Throws mode
Three Points mode

★ Three dynamic scene

★ Two kinds of basketball with different features

★ Detailed technical statistics after each game
Total time
Time Bonus
Average shot Speed
Total Shots
Continuous Goals

★ Little tips of the N.B.A history

★ Freely select the Basketball stands position(Left/Right to fit both left/right-handed person)

★ Super cool game sound effects and real person commentator voice, put you more easily into games

★Local leaderboard and Openfeint support(3 leaderboards & 10 achievements),anybody can come to openfeint to challenge me!

★ No aim line, Arcade style,you have to depend on youself. Just like the real basketball,shot as quick as you can to get high score

If you find any problems or bugs, Do plz describe them in Email in Details.

Anyone who wants to be a trial version tester,plz send Email to:

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