Music Quiz – Play your music!

The good old music quiz is back!

Music Quiz is a fast paced trivia game that tests your knowledge in your own music library. The objective is to recognize the correct song from 5 possible options without running out of time.
Every round 5 titles are shown, and a random song starts playing. You must recognize the song and tap on the correct option. The quicker you are, the more points you get. Tap on a wrong answer or run out of time – you lose a life, lose all 5 lives – game over!


♫ Your Music – Music Quiz uses songs from your own library, so the music is good – guaranteed!
♫ Polished Interface – Simple gameplay & beautiful graphics.
♫ High Scores – Compete against friends or challenge yourself.
♫ Sharing – Post your scores to Facebook & Twitter.
♫ Connect your device to a speaker or your car stereo to play with friends.

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