Music App: Music Quiz

MusicApp is a quiz game based on your very own iPhone or iPod touch library. The primary goal is to guess the most music correctly.

Easy to use, beautiful to look at

Friends play for free with MusicApp Lite
Bluetooth Multiplayer
MusicApp master.
Wifi Multiplayer
Wifi play lets up to 16 players verse each other in the ultimate MusicApp arena. (Requires a computer with Mac OSX 10.5)

Game features include
Three Playable modes including Wifi and Bluetooth
Ability to use iPhone or iPod touch’s music library
Takes advantage of Apple’s Bonjour® Service to let up to 16 players play at once

The latest iPhone OS version(3.0) is needed to use the cool features in MusicApp

The reason most multiplayer games fail for the iPhone is because some friends don’t want to pay for an app just to play the game with you, which sucks! This is why MusicApp “Client” version gives them an opportunity to download a free version which lets them play with you, as long as you have the full version.

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