Cut and paste a masterpiece! Muse-App allows you to create Works of Art from cut-outs taken from world-famous paintings and drawings from collegues like Michaelangelo, Vermeer, Cranach and Rembrandt.

Make your canvas dramatic, beautiful, mysterious or downright funny, and get to know some great works of art in the process.

Muse-App liberates the detail from its centuries-old confinement. Guide them in their new-found freedom and help them to explore new worlds!


– Default Collection: 125+ high-quality cut-outs from famous works of art from 15th-17th century.

– Move, scale, mirror, copy your images on your canvas. Choose from classical frames and add a title before sharing your work via mail and facebook.

– Drag the missing detail into the original work of art and find out more about it.

– Muse-App will make new Collections available soon, and will add new extras to make your work even more enjoyable.

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