Munching Maggot

A reworking of a classic – a simple and addictive game of skill and reactions, where the aim is to guide the hungry maggot around the screen, eating all the fruit and avoiding the poisonous spiky pink stars. The more he eats, the longer he gets, and you must avoid crashing into his tail or the walls. As you progress through the levels, the maggot gets faster and faster, testing your anticipation and reactions to the limit!

Munching Maggot is guided using swipes on the screen, where the maggot turns in the direction of the swipe. This system avoids the need for graphical controls which take up valuable screen space, though it might take you a little while to get the hang of it.

In these days of super-complex and difficult games, simple but rewarding gameplay could be just what you’re looking for!

Please note – this is really only suitable for small-screen devices such as the iPhone and iPod, not the iPad, though it will probably work anyway.

Updates planned include special food to (e.g.) shorten the maggot, or missions where food has to be eaten in a certain order. Any other ideas welcome.

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