Chosen as one of the best iPad games of 2010 by Just Another iPad Blog!

“Multitasking’s a great game! It’s got achievements, Openfeint, and great gameplay!” – Sunrise Moon

“3x the screens 3x the fun!! ” – DKKocab

“AMAZING GAME !!!!” – mcbreezyx3

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Multitasking is a fun and frantic new gaming experience which puts your reflexes to the test juggling multiple mini games at once. Improve your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, spelling, math skills and more while playing 7 unique mini games (with more on the way through regular updates).

Compare your high scores against friends, and the world with Open Feint leaderboards. Unlock achievements and earn Open Feint points.

Coming soon: More Minigames & Multitasking for your iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

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