MultiSudoku is a simple to use, extremely powerful, personal sudoku game machine combined with unique and powerful MULTIPLAYER features. Using MultiSudoku you have the capability of simultaneously (up to 4 players) solving the same Sudoku with friends. We providing two multiplay interfaces: Networked (via Apple Game Center Matchmaker) and Local (via Bluetooth).

Runs on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Share Sudoku locally via Bluetooth or over the network using Game Center Matchmaker.

Your best solution times are automatically reported to Game Center Leaderboards. You can see how you did versus friends and the community of players.

Automatic Puzzle Generation – No internet needed. Use this program for the rest of your life – you will never see the same puzzle twice!

Always Symmetric puzzles!

Always single solution puzzles!

Powerful set of solution tools – Eliminate the tedious tasks associated with solving difficult Sudoku.

Networked Multiplayer mode supports voice chat – chat over the network as you jointly solve your Sudoku.

Undo – Occasionally, everyone makes mistakes!

Play timer – Only runs while the puzzle grid is displayed, turn your device facedown to stop timer!

Powerful and Useful Notation Schemes (pencil mark) – Player activated or automatic.

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