Multiplication Training – TAG

The App Gate presents Multiplication Training: an app designed for the iPad to help children of various skill levels practice multiplication from 1×1 to 9×9.
1. A question will appear on screen.
2. A correct answer will remove the answer from the screen, and ask the next question in the set.
3. Incorrectly answering a question will reset the current question set.
4. Once the set is complete, a new question set will be drawn randomly based on the current app settings.
- Statistics are tracked as the student uses the app. Statistics can be reviewed at any time to help identify where the student is performing well and where improvement is needed.

- Multiplication sets are completely configurable: any subset of 1x-9x can be turned on or off.
- Question sets can be configured to appear in sequential order (2×1, 2×2, 2×3…) for novice students or can be configured to be random (2×9, 2×4, 2×3…) for advanced students.
- Stars appear when you touch the main game interface, take some time and drag your finger around the screen for a small training break!
- Animations and sound effects.