Multiplayer War with Bluetooth

With our mobile version of the popular card game War, you have fun and relaxation at your fingertips. Perhaps one of the first card games that most of us learn – now you can keep playing this classic card game on your iPhone or iPad.

Our version of War makes use of the Bluetooth capabilities of your iPhone or iPad and lets you play head-to-head with your friends. Don’t have someone to play with? No problem, choose one player mode and battle your mobile device.

Multiplayer War comes with some great mobile device features to keep you battling friends and family:
• Customizable appearance
• Useful tutorial to help you brush up on the basics of War
• Play head-to-head using Bluetooth
• Check your game stats to see how many rounds you’ve won and lost
• Save your game and resume playing later
• Fun gunshot sound effects and animations

Iversoft puts the fun in your iPhone and iPad with games for you including:
• Tanks of Fury!
• Solitaire Classic
• Spider Solitaire
• Free Cell Classic
• Pocket Sudoku
• Sweep Those Mines
• Three Peak Solitaire

Download this fun and entertaining card game today and challenge your friends and family to a game of Multiplayer War.

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