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Multi Quiz Review

Multi Quiz, a multiple-choice trivia game fuelled entirely by user-generated content, might end up being a quick, fun way to test your knowledge, with enough interesting quizzes. The problem is that someone needs to write them first. Until that user-generated content actually gets generated, it’s all potential. As it is now, Multi Quiz is a frustratingly skimpy experience that just left us wanting more.

Multi Quiz uses a very basic interface. After you choose your language, you are presented with a list of available quizzes to download and play. These are user-created, so the subjects range from Bible Knowledge to Presidential Candidate Trivia. We found about 10 in the English-language section of the quiz file. The file size for new quizzes is very small, and you can trash completed quizzes after you finish them. When you hit the right answer, you get a lovely green check across the screen; answer erroneously, and a bright red X laments your failure.

And that’s all there is to it. There’s no music to speak of, no sound effects, and no graphics or background images to distract you or make the screen more dynamic. A few of the quizzes have pictures that relate to the questions, but the extra hint just decreases the difficulty level. There’s little incentive to return to a quiz once you’re done, and there’s no quality control on quiz content, so the questions may be vaguely worded or poorly presented.

Multi Quiz only costs $1.99, and we think it’s an interesting idea for a game, but we can’t recommend it right now. The game needs several dozen more solid quizzes to be worth the price of admission, and until it gets them, we advise you to steer well clear.