Mullet Dragon

*** “Mullet Dragon” is free for a few days to promote our brand new adventure game, “The Riddles of Fingerling”. Search for it on the App Store ***

Punks and aliens have kidnapped your girlfriend!
Help Bimmy Lee in his adventure, fighting on the streets and up in the sky.

A “modern retrogame” for players grown up with Commodore 64, Amiga 500, Genesis/Mega Drive and Nintendo Consoles.


* Early ’80s graphic style
* “Beat’em up” stages (inspired by Kung Fu Master, Last Battle, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, etc)
* “Shoot’em up” stages (inspired by classic shooters like Galaga & Galaxian)
* Racing stages (like Outrun and Pitstop)
* Special techniques and secret moves
* Gain new powers and skills
* Password system (“save feature” is for losers)
* Old style musics and sound effects