What is MucknAround? Why, You’re doing it now and didn’t even realize it!

However, why should you muck around like everyone else when you can download MucknAround and have some fun!

Verb, mucking around – to do random unplanned work or spend time idly. “The students were mucking around on their iPods in class.”
USAGE – This game is perfect for those boring moments when you need a fun distraction. Play while riding in cars, buses, subways, and airplanes. DOSAGE – play as needed.

WARNING! – This game is highly addictive and may be hazardous to your ability to get things done! Keep out of reach of friends and family or they may beat your high score. Do not play while operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle.

– – – – Game Play:
Muck’n Around is a very addicting, no stress, puzzle, strategy, tile flipping, color matching game that plays like a board game.

There are three levels to choose from giving free access to three different play styles anytime you wish. No need to unlock them to play them (paid version).

You start with five colors to collect in five turns.

Wild tiles may be collected anytime for any color.

Super tiles may be collected anytime and automatically collects all tiles matching the current turns color. Pick another color and continue on the same turn.

This is THE GAME to have for the busy lifestyle! If you have to put the phone down mid game, just turn the phone back on and continue where you left off! No penalties! No stress! No worries!

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