Mr.O On The Fly Freemium

When Mr. O meets the Gods and Goddesses in ancient Greek Myth, guess what happens?

Great graphics; fun concept — Slide To Play

Apollo hits Mr. O with his eye-striking chariot and Mr. O starts flying on Olympus!
Who’s there? It’s Athena, goddess of wisdom. Mr. O tries to say hello but, BAAAAAAN!!
Shield Bash! Athena returns her salute with beautiful move and Mr. O goes back into the air again.
Who’s next? Oh, it’s Zeus, King of the Olympus. Wait, are my eyes cheating me? I see Zeus on a DJ booth, and I am going to hit him! *&%$#@, what happened? I can’t remember!
Oh, you are heading for Mrs. O! Summon Apollo quickly, or your pleasant flying trip will meet an end!

Mr. O On The Fly Freemium is an endless side-scroll flying game with simple control and great fun!
Hit Mr. O with Apollo, and then let’s play with the Gods and Goddesses! Don’t burn them up, or you will be in big Trouble!

What you have in Mr. O On The Fly Freemium?
*It’s totally FREE! Fly as far as you can!
*Retina Display supported with crystal clean screen!
*Simple 1-touch control with great fun, watch out and don’t miss a chance!
*Meet and play with 8 Gods and Goddess in ancient Greek Myth!
*Original awesome heavy metal background music and sound effect!
*Stunning full screen UNIQUE SKILLS which send your Mr. O to a higher altitude!
*Online leaderboards & achievements on Game Center.
*Social network integrated! Share your score and achievement and every other things with your friends!

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Note:We don’t recommend you play this game on iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G and devices earlier than those. The game might be slowed on those devices.

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