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Mr.Ninja Review

Don’t make the mistake of confusing the Ponos series of iOS games, including Mr.AahH!! and Mr.Space!!, with the kids’ series of Mr. Men books, like Mr. Bounce and Mr. Tickle. One is a quality iPhone game brand, the other is a tiny book you might find at a day care center.

Ponos’ latest Mr. game, Mr.Ninja, is just as simple and replayable as the other two games in the series. Like his brethren, Mr.Ninja is controlled very simply, with the simple goal of racking up a high score before dying.

Unlike some others, this ninja has no interest in fruit.

While Mr. AahH swung from grappling hooks and Mr. Space tried to find a hiding place to avoid being crushed, Mr. Ninja spins around on large discs, jumping off at just the right angle to slash his way through a row of aliens. If you time your jumps right, you can build up big combos and unlock two additional gameplay modes.

While the normal mode is fun on its own, we really enjoyed super chain mode, where you can rack up combos within a time limit even if you miss a few aliens, and impossible mode, which is much less forgiving. All of these have their own Game Center leaderboards, but no achievements.

Mr.Ninja is another winner from Ponos, and we look forward to seeing what occupation their next mister will take. Though it’s a simple, somewhat repetitive game, we actually prefer these type of one-button minigames to yet another clone of Canabalt. Check it out, especially if you’ve come to enjoy this series like we have.