Mr.M’s Code of Murder:The Byzantine Assassin

★★★★★ an original board-game★★★★★

Great experience of crime scene reasoning and detection!
Single player game vs. AI or hotseat game with your friends!
High-resolution Retina Display version available!
Available on both iPhone and iPad!


1.Murder and detection in a Byzantine imperial court with hidden doors, secret passageways and traps
2.Play “Mr. M”, the assassin, against the AI-controlled “Investigators” in a single-player game, or play either side in a hotseat game
3.Disguised among the innocent characters, Mr. M is dedicated to assassinate them one by one
4.The Investigators narrow suspect list by checking the cause of each death and logical reasoning to eventually unmask Mr. M
5.13 distinct characters, including Queen, Duke, Scholar, Sorceress, and even a cat
6.10 impressive and unique ways of assassination, including love and bomb!
7.Random activation of characters round by round to make each game unique
8.Each game a 5-minute intellectual challenge, short but intensive

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