Mr. Pencil for iPhone

Mr. Pencil is an addictive puzzle game. The Game play is very addictive. There is a background image on the screen, hidden by the opaque game play screen. Since the game play screen is opaque, you will not be able to see the complete hidden background image.

The objective of this game is to highlight the area of the screen using Mr Pencil to expose the background image. You can do that by drawing lines on the screen slicing it into small blocks. As you slice the screen into small blocks, the hidden background image starts to appear in the area exposed. The challenge here is to avoid coming in contact with the eraser or other malicious enemies wandering on the screen.

● Mr. Pencil plays in 3 challenging game play modes i.e. Easy, Difficult and Hard.
● Nerve chilling moments – Mr. Pencil and eraser
● Cool effects and highly polished graphics
● A fun and upbeat soundtrack
● Integrated with OpenFeint to track leader boards and achievements

The game play is very simple and easy to learn in few seconds. Mr. Pencil is a game best played on massive doses of caffeine and not when sleep deprived. Think fast, and have fun!

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