Mr. Bounce

Neon colors, ball physics, crazy music and highly enjoyable game play – what else do you need? Mr. Bounce is an innovative approach to old-school arcade principles.

Use your fingers to control direction, height and speed. The future bounce is visualized with a trajectory projection.

When you have mastered the skills of basic bouncing, the game will challenge you with walls, bouncers, blockers, pipes and wind!

“Mr Bounce [is] easily entering the list of CAN’s top 10 games this year. Simply wonderful!”
– CreativeApplications.Net

“… a very musical experience in what is a very challenging but compelling game.”

“Mr. Bounce has an immediately enticing, hip and retro style that suits its knowing gameplay alchemy perfectly.”
– PocketGamer

Mr. Bounce Features:
– Multi-Touch controls
– 25 unique levels
– Different music track for each level
– Online Hall of Fame
– Procedural Music Visualizer
– Left & Right hand controls

Use two hands to control the game.

Use headphones for optimal sound experience.

Hit more than one circle of the same color in one bounce for bonus points.

Questions? Send an email to

Search for “Mr. Bounce iPhone” on YouTube to see the game in action!

Let’s bounce!

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