Mr. Bond

Mr. Bond, your enemies are back!
And this time they are going to kill you…
Yet, don’t be scared, your Agents of old are still around and you can bet that they’ll defend you.

Mr. Bond will take you in the world of one of the most famous Special Agents in history. It’s a game of quickness and dexterity where you can test your reflexes recognizing and selecting as quick as you can the right characters among the proposed ones.

If you are already a fan of Mr. Bond, you are going to test your knowledge about his world. If, instead, you’re just curious about it, this is a good chance to step in.

The game uses an evolution of the basic mechanism of Fingo that takes advantage of the device feature of managing multiple touches at once to get your choices.

The current version contains nine levels out of the planned thirteen.
* You’ll be able to meet each of your Special Agents that played the role of Mr. Bond at least once in their life.
* You’ll also meet the Fatal Beauties that played along them in their adventures.
* You’ll front the Great Enemies that have already been defeated by your Agents in the past and that may be defeated once again in your games.
* You’ll be able to equip your Agents with the gorgeous Cars they used to drive in the past.
* If you buy the remaining levels (once for all) you’ll also be able to equip your agents with the hi-tech Gadgets they used to take along in their missions.

The game records a whole lot of statistics about your performances:
* a ladder of the best final scores
* a ladder of the best final times
* separate partial scores and times for each level and schema
* a ranking system with 25 different ranks to climb up through with your achievements

This way it comes easy that every new game will leave a fingerprint in the hall of fame!

Last but not least, the game is integrated with Game Center and with Facebook platform to allow you, if you like it, to share your best scores with other players and friends all over the world.

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